LESIA Observatoire de Paris-PSL CNRS Sorbonne Université Université de Paris


PLDA aims to design and sell tools and building blocks for designers of FPGA’s or ASIC components. It consists in:

  • Intellectual Property (IP) reusable blocs targeting high performance standard communication protocols (currently PCIe and TCP/UDP)
  • Hardware boards for prototyping and development, enabling the implementation of those functions in systems used by Customers in production,
  • Those boards are based on up to date versions of FPGA’s provided by suppliers leading the FPGA market

Key features are

  • Data acquisition, transmission and restitution, with defined format and at determined characteristics of bandwidth and latency
  • Data pre- or post-processing
  • Field of applications include data captured from various analog or digital sensors and restituted similarly to analog or digital actioners, after some processing, or also data being used in large applications from various market domains (medicine, financial, scientific…)
  • A fully integrated FPGA application development system, drastically enhancing the speed of development of FPGA based projects, assisting penetration of the FPGA’s as a technology of choice in the field of hardware acceleration and High Performance Computing.

High speed interconnection standard protocols, FPGA’s and elaborated FPGA development environments, along with production hardware platform to implement them, are key contributors to tangible progress in the field of High Performance Computing systems. Large scale Adaptive Optics mechanisms and related control systems provide a perfectly matching field of research and of experiment for up-to-date technologies developed by PLDA.