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Prototyping FDR

Thursday 24 May 2018, by Damien Gratadour

The Prototyping Final Design Review (FDR) and individual prototypes performance assessment was help in Paris on 01/04/18 with representatives from all partners, including engineers and researchers, and a panel of external reviewers from the E-ELT instruments consortia (MICADO, MAORY, HARMONI, METIS) as well as one of the SPARTA main designer.

The project partners produced a set of presentations describing the current status of the prototyping activities, a final performance analysis of the individual prototypes and the designs of the final prototypes to be implemented at each partner . This documentation is available below.

The full FDR documentation was reviewed and the panel provided a series of comments and open questions after the review. A detailed analysis of these reports will be available soon.

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