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AO RTC prototyping and performance assessment

The main goal of the prototyping and validation phase of the Green Flash project is to assess the enabling technologies through prototyping and assemble a full scale demonstrator for an E-ELT first-light AO RTC. As described above, such facility, designed to drive in real-time a large scientific experiment, is composed of a real-time core, processing streaming data from sensors and controlling deformable optics, and a supervisor module, optimizing the control loop by providing updated versions of the control matrix at a regular rate depending on the observing conditions evolution.

The primary objective of this axis of research is to assemble a full functionality prototype for an AO RTC, scalable to the dimensioning of the E-ELT first light instrumentation, including a real-time core and a supervisor module. Architecture choices will be made on the basis of the individual prototyping stages output. (obj. 3.1)

Another objective of this axis of development is to implement a real-time simulator, designed to emulate the AO system I/O with various levels of accuracy, using existing AO sub-systems models. (obj 3.2)

The last objective of this axis of development is to fully characterize the AO RTC prototype performance with several configurations (single and multi-conjugate AO) and propose a strategy for its integration on sky. (obj. 3.3)

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