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International Conferences

SPIE 2016

Gratadour et al, Green FLASH: energy efficient real-time control for AO

Perret et al, fBridging FPGA and GPU technologies for AO real-time control

Ferreira et al, Deriving comprehensive error breakdown for wide field adaptive optics systems using end-to-end simulations


Gratadour et al Green Flash: Exploiting future and emerging computing technologies for AO RTC at ELT scale

Biasi et al. “FPGA based microserver for high performance real-time computing in AO” [P3055]

Reeves et al. “The Green Flash Real-Time simulator” [P1052]

Perret et al. “A generic and scalable heterogeneous architecture for real-time computing and performance measurements in AO” [P3037]

Doucet et al. “Efficient supervision strategy for tomographic AO systems on ELTs” [P3054]

Bernard et al. “A GPU based RTC for the E-ELT AO: RTC prototype” [P3045]

Jenkins et al. “ELT scale real-time control on Intel Xeon Phi and manycore CPUs” [P3036]

Ferreira et al. “ROKET: erROr breaKdown Estimation Tool for adaptive optics systems” [P1057]

Vidal et al. “MICADO SCAO numerical simulations” [P1056]

Petit et al. “RTC strategies for Harmoni SCAO and LTAO modes” [P3035]

SPIE 2018

Gratadour et al, Prototyping AO RTC using emerging high performance computing technologies with the Green Flash project

Bernard et al, Performance of a scalable GPU based SCAO RTC prototype

Jenkins et al, An ELT scale MCAO real-time control prototype using Xeon Phi technologies

Staykov et al, FPGA based wave front processing unit made with QuickPlayTM for the Green Flash collaboration